Spicy Korean Seafood Stew – Delicious SEOUL Story official entry

At last we have made our first video.

This is our official entry to Delicious SEOUL Story. Please Share, like and view us on Youtube!

Thanks to my daughter Louise for the support and participation! This dish is heartwarming and delicious!


Sweet Sticky Rice with Pandan Custard top


1 cup sticky rice, soaked overnight with water
3/4 coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
4 pandan leaves

for topping

6 pandan leaves
6 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup thick coconut milk
1tbs rice flour
1 tsp corn flour

Sticky rice with Pandan Custard Top


1. Place the soaked sticky rice, which should absorbed all the water, in the steamer.

2. Pour over the coconut milk and top it with cut pandan leaves

3. Steam the right until set, but not cooked through. Remove pandan leaves and discard.

4. For toppings. cut the pandan leaves into small pieces and grind using mortar and pestle.

5. Squeeze out the green juice through a fine mesh or strainer into a small bowl.

6. Beat the eggs with sugar for 2-3 miunutes, or until the sugar is completely dissolved. Sieve the mixture into a bowl

7. Whisk together the coconut milk , rice flour and cornflour, then pour on to the sugar and egg mixture and whisk thoroughly to make a smooth thin custard.

8. Stir in pandan juice. The mixture will have a delicate green tint.

Mussel Tomato-White Pasta

Every week, we got a chance to visit the fresh wet market with countless seafood selections. One of my weekly buy is the mussels. I got them live and fresh! Now this gives me more reason to love San Francisco!

Here’s to cook this recipe. Note that seafood is always good with white wine. So I used white wine with this, while sauteeing the mussels.

Tips from the Series Pasta: Pasta does not have to be swimming in sauce, all the sauce should be absorb by the noodles, even when served warm or not hot, it still taste good and after eating one serving you taste buds will want to have more. Enjoy!

My next challenge is ginseng pasta, even though it’s just an imagination of the movie writer, it looks like a good ingredient for pasta. Will see what I can do. 🙂

Fresh Mussels – cleaned
Evaporated milk
White wine
Lots-of-sliced fresh tomatoes
Onions sliced
Garlic peeled, sliced or crushed
Green onions
Parmesan cheese
Basil fresh or dried
Salt and pepper
Olive oil


Cook the spaghetti according to the package instructions in a large pan of water with salt and oil.When cooked al dente, drain the pasta.

While your spaghetti is cooking, head a large saucepan and sautee, garlic, onions, and tomatoes in olive oil until tomatoes turned saucy. Add mussels, heat should be set at high, then add white wine, salt and pepper, continue to sautee until mussels open. When the wine is perfectly combined with the sauce, add water, enough to make little sauce (this must be boiling)and add evaporated milk, bring to boil and quickly toss pasta into sauce, final taste and sprinkle with basil, green onions and grated Parmesan cheese.

sauteeing tomatoes

In the pan

Mussel Tomato-White Pasta

PASTA – Korean Love Drama with Italian Cooking Theme – Love It!

I have been watching Korean Drama lately. I like their theme, plot and good, clean love stories.

Now I just finished this series : Pasta.


The Chef and the Kitchen Assistant

The main Characters

It is a kind of in-focus to the Italian Kitchen. According to the writer, his research found out that the
Italian Kitchen is the most chaotic of all. Japanese kitchen is peaceful, Chinese Kitchen can cook some dish ahead, while Italian Kitchen only cooks their dishes, when orders are given. Now I am increasing my interest to pasta menu, especially the seafood ones. And probably making my own pasta? I have been wanting to buy pasta maker, hmmmmnnn. . . . maybe it will be the best time soon? Will post it here if I am able to make my first pasta noodle.

This series gave me a hint of how things are prepared in the kitchen and how chef should be in control of the whole situation in the kitchen.

I was also surprise of the ginseng pasta, I thought it was a real dish, but writer later said, it’s a made up one. 🙂 But perhaps will try it too. 🙂

Enjoy the movie time, I highly recommend this series. 🙂

Black Chicken Soup in lemon grass ( in ultimate search for organic food )

The result of my organic food search has introduced me to this black chicken. It is pretty neat, tasty, healthy and nutty!

This is rare find in the US, but if you could visit the fresh wet market, you might have a luck.


Black chicken (Cut into parts )
Lemon Grass (sliced)
Green Onions (chopped)
Onions (sliced )
Ginger (sliced)
Garlic (sliced)
Dried Basil
Jalapeno Pepper


1. Sautee Garlic, onions, ginger, lemon grass in olive oil.
2. Add Chicken, salt and pepper, bay leaves, stir until chicken is coated with oil and a little bit brown.
3. Add water to simmer and add jalapeno pepper until chicken is tender,
4. Taste and add salt if needed, then add the green onions and dried basil.
Enjoy good tasting and healthy black chicken soup!

The sliced black chicken

Black Chicken Soup in lemon grass

Stir fried Shrimp with Jicama, soaked mung bean & other veges

I just currently got another Jicama (singkamas) and Shrimp ohhh, they are perfect match!


Shrimp cut into small pieces

Jicama cut into strips
Carrots cut into strips
Cabbage cut into strips
soaked mung bean (soaked in water for 2 days, just peeled but sprout just came out)

Sliced and seeded tomato
Sliced Onions
Chopped garlic

Sesame oil/olive oil
Fish Sauce
Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Salt and Pepper


1. Sautee garlic and onions in a sesame oil or olive oil.
2. Add the tomatoes, continue stirring until tomatoes are softened and onions are transparent.
3. Add Shrimp then soaked mung beans, salt and pepper.
4. Add a little water to simmer, then add Fish, Soy, Oyster Sauces.
5. Then add carrots, jicama, asparagus, simmer until all veges are nearly cooked and sauce becomes thick.
6. Then add cabbage strips. do a quick stir.
7. Final taste and top with sesame seeds and finely chopped garlic.
8. Serve hot with rice. Enjoy!

the beans after 24 hour of soaking

Cooking Shrimp Jicama

Ready for serving


Two weeks ago, we’ve good quality of rice. Jasmine rice! Yey! There was no available quality rice around here.
But thanks to the Filipino rolling store, they brought us 2010-crop rice! Smells so good and look so fresh!

I only like two kinds of rice, Jasmine and Japanese Rice. Oh, I want include sticky rice! They are good for paella.
Have rice on your meal and will sure have the right energy the whole day!

Jasmine Rice

See the quality under the light!

scoop it out

Pickled carrots, jicama and onions

I was scrambling our fridge on finding anything to get for anything that would taste different
for a side dish or appetizer. We can’t find so much ready at the grocery store that would fit our Asian cravings!

Thank God there’s half of the Jicama that is still waiting to be peeled and sliced and pickled!

The sauce I made is derived from the Vietnamese sauce (I have to find my book on it’s Vietnamese name, i’ll update this tomorrow.) But it is made of Fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili flakes, vinegar and sugar! oh…. so good!

It has to be soaked in the sauce and mixture for a least a day, but because we are craving a lot, it is almost finished after 3 hrs.

Here is how I do it.


Jicama strips
Carrots strips
Onions strips
Lemon peel strips
Garlic strips


Fish sauce
Brown sugar
Chili flakes

1. Combine all the sauce Ingredients
2. Make sure the sugar and salt are dissolved.
3. Soaked the veges with the sauce.
4. Put that into a bottle or container.
5. Refrigerate and eat when desired.

picked carrots, onions and jicama in a bottle

Humba ( Caramelized Pork’s Feet)

This is a combination of old Chinese, Southeast Asian and Cebuano traditional food. You can see this often on
celebration like fiesta, birthdays and weddings.

It’s not so healthy because your are eating more fats, but who cares, sometimes we want to
respond to our cravings. 🙂

We call this Humba, but my Viet cookbook called this Caramelized Pork’s Feet Stew! Don’t worry this doesn’t
taste like feet anymore, hehehe! It taste really GOOD!

One more thing, it has 3 spices that I love, actually 4 but is not available. Star Anise, Clove and Cinnamon and Lemon Grass (not available), they make the stew smells really good!


pork’s feet

Pork's Feet

fish sauce
soy sauce
spring onions

Star Anise, Cloves and Cinnamon

star anise
cinnamon sticks
red chilies (optional when you want it so spicy)


1. In a saucepan, dissolve sugar with water until golden brown as caramel ( do not burn it will go bitter).

Caramelized sugar

Caramel with water and pork's feet

2. When golden, remove from heat and pour in the water.

3. Put the pan back over the heat and add the pork’s feet, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, clove, garlic ginger,
salt, onions, spring onions, pepper, soy sauce and fish sauce. Simmer for 3-4 hrs until meat is very tender.

3. When meat is tender, put the hard boiled egg in and simmer for 10 mins.

Humba with egg for eats!

4. Garnish with Sesame seed and sprint onions.

4. Serve hot with rice.

Fresh Cherry Jam

I love the cherry tree in our neighborhood.
It gives us fresh cherries almost everyday. So, I thought why not make Cherry Jam ?
It is very tangy, sour sweet so good to taste!


Fresh Red Cherries
White Sugar


1. Take the Cherry seeds
2. Put the seeded cherries in the sauce pan.
3. Put few cups of water and sugar.
4. Let it boil until saucy and thick.
5. Let it cool and chill.

pealed cherries in the sauce pan

red pealed cherries

Seeds and bad ones to the trash

color is very natural and strong. The taste so tangy, sweet and sour.

Enjoy the blood-red cherry jam!