Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi can be made with so many varieties, this is just one of them.
This is the most common yet, the most salable of all.


Cabbage cut unto 1/4 size of the head
Cut Spring onions
Carrots cut into strips
Garlic crushed
Ginger crushed
Radish cut into strips
Cilantro sliced

Fish Sauce
Shrimp Paste
Crushed dried Chilli
salt (1/2 cup for every head of cabbage)


1. Mix all salt in water to make a salt solution.
2. Marinate the cabbage into your salt solution for 6 hrs.
3. Put this inside your refrigerator.

For the meantime:
Prepare the Spices and chili mix
1. Mix in all the sliced ingredients: carrots, cilantro, ginger, spring onions, garlic, radish, fish sauce, shrimp
paste and crushed dried chili.
2. Mix thoroughly and set aside.

After 6 hours of marinating the cabbage:

1. Wash each leaf thoroughly with running water.
2. Drain water thoroughly and dry each leaf.
3. Put the spices in between each leaf and arrange nicely, until all leaves are thoroughly covered.
4. Cover the container where you arrange the cabbage and spices.
5. Leave it at a room temperature to age for 1 whole day.
6. Refrigerate and ready to serve chill.

Can be eaten with garden salad, meat, soup or rice.

Cabbage marinated in Salt Water

Spices ready to mix with Marinated Cabbage



Vietnamese Goi Cuon (Summer Rolls) Varieties with Nuoc Cham

You could make countless varieties of Goi Cuon.
It’s one of my favorites at Lemon Grass Restaurant
and any Vietnamese Resto. 🙂

I love the rice paper wrapper and I love the variety you can make.

Variety 1 Ingredients:

1. Basil Leaves
2. Cilantro
3. Boil shredded pork skin
4. Boil peeled shrimp
5. Carrots cut in thin strips
6. Sliced spring onions
7. Rice Paper (Ba Co Gai)

Nuoc Cham (posted separately)

Variety 2 Ingredients:

1. Basil Leaves
2. Cilantro
3. Fried Thin beef (unflavor)
4. Sesame seeds
5. Carrots cut in thin strips
6. Sliced spring onions
7. Rice Paper (Ba Co Gai)

Variety 3 Ingredients:

1. Basil Leaves
2. Cilantro
3. Fried Thin beef (unflavor)
4. Sesame seeds
5. Cabbage Kimchi (posted separately)
6. Sliced spring onions
7. Rice Paper (Ba Co Gai)


1. On your plate, wet the Rice paper with few drops of water to soften
2. When soften, put each ingredients from 1 -6 on the paper just enough for
one roll.
3. Roll the paper with the ingredients.
4. Dip in Nuoc Cham sauce.

toasted sesame seeds


boil shreded pork skin

unflavored fried thin-sliced beef

peeled boiled shrimp

shreded carrots

basil, cilantro and spring onions

Dried Rice wrapper

Variety one

Spring Roll Variety 1

Variety 2 Ingredients

roll with Variety 2

Nuoc Cham

Mix Lettuce topped with pesto (when Fresh is really Fresh)

I got enough Lettuce leaves from my pots. This is nice one.
I discovered that when you pick the leaves fresh from the lettuce you can see sap.
Maybe this is the one that will make you healthy. The taste of freshness is really different
with fresh pick.


Mix lettuce leaves


Wash the leaves and top with Pesto (see pesto on a separate post).


Pesto Sauce

Lettuce in the pot

Lettuce in my pot

Fresh Lettuce with Pesto

Pesto (used my fresh sweet basil on the pot)

It’s my first time to make pesto. I thought it was difficult to make. So many steps that I was hesitant to take. My colleague Christine, was asking me to make one while we were still in Cebu with so many basil shrubs in our little garden, but I just didn’t have the time, or maybe the guts! hehehe! But Finally I got the courage to make it, and I think I make made it perfectly good! The combination of garlic and basil and nuts and olive oil is just so good! This is for Christine who is currently in Singapore with her cute little girl Xandra and hubby Marjon and to the rest of Pesto fanatics!


Fresh Basil leaves
Olive Oil
Parmesan Cheese
Walnuts/Hazelnuts/Pistachio nuts/Almonds


1. Very finely Chop the following: Basil, Garlic, Walnuts.
2. In a bowl combine all ingredients and taste with salt.
3. Make sure you’ll have more olive oil than your dry ingredients.
4. Then your Pesto is ready.

I prefer this as finely chopped than processed in blender, I like tasting some texture on the sauce.
Enjoy your pesto on Pasta, Fresh veges salad, meat and other combination you can think of.

Basil ready to be chopped

Pesto sauce

Shrimp Ziti in three-cheese-milk sauce topped with Pesto

I love the combination of three cheeses here.
You can use other cheeses if the ones I used are not available.
It’s my first time to make Pesto and I think I made it so good !!!
My basil on the pot have really given me handful of basil leaves on my recipes.
I’ll make a separate post on pesto.


peeled Shrimp and sliced like butterfly
Ziti Pasta

sliced Swiss Cheese
sliced Cream Cheese
Grated Mozzarella Cheese
Whole Milk

Sliced Garlic
Sliced Onions


0.0 On a separate pan, put water to boil with oil and salt.
0.1 Add the pasta and boil until pasta is cooked 10 – 12 mins.
0.2 When Pasta is cooked drain the water and set aside.

On a sautee pan:
1. Sautee garlic and onions in olive oil.
2. Add shrimp and continue sautee.
3. Add salt and whole milk and a little water.
4. Add 3 Cheeses and simmer until all cheeses are melted and sauce becomes thick.
5. Add Pasta and serve topped with pesto.



Shrimp Ziti with 3 Cheese and Pesto

Beef in Sweet Oyster and Soy Sauce

This will fit the taste of Asians, especially Filipinos. Pinoys want something sweet, meaty and a little saucy.
My family likes this, certified 100% Pinoy!

Beef cut in thin rectangular strips

Olive oil
sliced Onions
Soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Brown sugar
Toasted sesame seeds


1. Sautee garlic and onions in Olive oil.
2. Add Beef, sautee until it becomes a little near toasty.
3. Add salt, soy and oyster sauce and sugar.
4. Add a little water and simmer until the sauce becomes thick.
5. Final taste with salt and top with sesame seeds.

The lone spices

sliced beef


Ready to be served

Drunken Spicy Shrimp

If Jackie Chan stars the Drunken Master
I created the drunken shrimp, not to do
martial arts but to give a kick on the flavors of your dinner table



Peeled and butterflied Shrimp

Soy sauce
Fish sauce

Brown sugar
dried chili flakes (optional)
sliced onions
finely chopped garlic
finely chopped ginger
finely chopped basil leaves
sesame oil
sesame seeds
sliced tomatoes


0. On a separate sauce pan, roast the sesame seeds on low fire until a little bit brown and set aside.

1. Sautee garlic, onions, ginger and tomatoes
2. Add shrimp when tomatoes are soft and onions are transparent.
3. Add salt and pepper.
4. Continue stir until shrimp is coated with sauce from tomato, garlic, onions and ginger
5. Add beer, soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar, simmer until sauce gets thick.
6. Add basil and chili flakes, final taste and top with sesame seed.
7. Serve hot with rice. Enjoy!


Roasting sesame seeds

Simmering with beer and other sauce

Almost done!

Ready for your table! Drunken Spicy Shrimp

Stir fried Shrimp with Jicama, soaked mung bean & other veges

I just currently got another Jicama (singkamas) and Shrimp ohhh, they are perfect match!


Shrimp cut into small pieces

Jicama cut into strips
Carrots cut into strips
Cabbage cut into strips
soaked mung bean (soaked in water for 2 days, just peeled but sprout just came out)

Sliced and seeded tomato
Sliced Onions
Chopped garlic

Sesame oil/olive oil
Fish Sauce
Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Salt and Pepper


1. Sautee garlic and onions in a sesame oil or olive oil.
2. Add the tomatoes, continue stirring until tomatoes are softened and onions are transparent.
3. Add Shrimp then soaked mung beans, salt and pepper.
4. Add a little water to simmer, then add Fish, Soy, Oyster Sauces.
5. Then add carrots, jicama, asparagus, simmer until all veges are nearly cooked and sauce becomes thick.
6. Then add cabbage strips. do a quick stir.
7. Final taste and top with sesame seeds and finely chopped garlic.
8. Serve hot with rice. Enjoy!

the beans after 24 hour of soaking

Cooking Shrimp Jicama

Ready for serving

You Keep my emotions high!

I got inspired by my readers, because they are not just reading my posts but making them themselves on their own homes or workplaces. I am so happy for the result of this blog. 🙂

I hope I can make video, I’ve got tripod already, but there’s only me and Louise, my hubby’s busy studying on his Masters. So for now, just imagine with pictures.

This makes my spirit high, when I am upset. To keep cooking when my body is tired but my mind is interested. When my arms could not extend but my tongue crave for new taste.

Thank you all for making part of your daily kitchen life and contribute to your family food encounter.

Everytime I cook, I am thinking of all of you in your own kitchen. Continue your quest for new flavors, like you are hungry for adventure.

See you all here at!

Shrimp Steamed Fooyong

I got free 2lb bag of shrimp from the grocery store last Monday. That’s a $12 savings! They had an inconsistent pricing, I am sure what the says, buy the lady cashier did not let me pay the bag, so I got it free! The grocery just lost $12, I bet it is not that huge for them.

So we are enjoying the shrimp almost everyday until it last. 🙂

I have been craving for seafood and oyster fooyong! So now I made one from shrimp!


3 Eggs
several pieces of shrimp peeled and chopped to bits
chopped spring onions
chopped and seeded tomatoes
sesame oil


1. Beat the egg in a bowl
2. Add salt the the rest of the ingredients.
3. Taste if salt is enough.
4. Boil water in a pan or steamer.
5. Wipe oil sesame oil on a heat-resistant plate or pan.
6. Put the beaten eggs with the ingredients on the heat resistant pan or plate.
7. Put it in on the pan with boiling water or steamer.
8. Cover and steam until egg is firm.
9. Serve and enjoy!

covering and steaming shrimp fooyong

still cooking

notice the gap between the plate and the pan to let the boiling water in

Shrimp fooyon for you!