Korean – Sweet and Spicy anchovies – BokkEuml

Recently I got lots of cravings on oriental taste.

We just transfered to San Francisco CA, particularly at the heart of Japan Town. It feels like heaven in terms of tastes availability. I am surrounded by vast variety of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Farmer’s market. Hundreds of oriental restaurants are within our reach, but I don’t want to spend much to eat good food. So I tried them at home.

So here is one that I can’t stop eating.

Korean: Sweet and Spicy Anchovies - BokkEum

Gochujang Paste:Can be bought from asian, japanese or korean store

Vietnamese Garlic Chili Paste:Can be bought from asian, japanese or korean store

Red Pepper flakes


2 cups Dried anchovies

soy sauce
olive and sesame oil
sesame seeds
Korean : 1 tbs Gochujang paste
Vietnamese: 1tbs Chili garlic sauce
Korean: 1 tbs red pepper powder
grated garlic
grated white onion
4 tbs of white wine
4 tbs of water


1. Heat the pan, toss in anchovies for 5 mins until
lightly toasted.
2. put the heat to low, push the anchovies at the side of the pan.
3. pour some olive oil and sesame oil.
4. add garlic and white onion, stir until light brown.
5. Add soy sauce, water, sugar and wine
6. Then add Gochujang, chili flakes and chili garlic sauce.
7. Mix the sauce with anchovies in a low heat.
9. When all the sauce are mix in and caramelized add the sesame seeds.

Serve as side dish, appetizer and can be stored in the fridge for 2 weeks or more
dried squid, boneless fish, shrimp can be used instead of anchovies


Baked Potato and Asparagus in olive oil and butter

We paired this with my BBB menu.
It was a good one.

On a separate post, I will feature asparagus and how to get rid of the hard part.


Thinly sliced potato

olive oil
sesame seed


Preheat Oven at 200F

1. Arrange Potato and asparagus side-by-side in the baking pan.
2. Drizzle with Olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
3. Top witn sesame seeds and butter.
4. Bake for 40 mins in low heat 200F

Baked Potato and asparagus

Crackling Chicken skin (Chicharon)

This is a common delicacy when we are drinking beer or watching a movie or just hanging out. You can find this anywhere in the Philippines, even with the balut vendors.

Very easy to make, known to be unhealthy but who can resist the crispness ?!

I actually saved all the chicken skin when I cook chicken menus. Now here is the best way of cooking all of them!


Chicken skin

Salt and Pepper


1. Cut the chicken skin into rectangular stips.
2. Marinate with salt and Pepper for one hour.
3. Drain the liquid from the Chicken skin through the strainer.
4. Prepare the deep frying pan.
5. Fill half of the pan with oil.
6. Heat the oil until really hot (smoking hot)
7. Put the chicken skin to the pan until brown (do not over crowd).
8. Put the cooked chicken skin to a strainer.
9. When the oil from the fried chicken skin is drain it will turn crispy and dry.

Crackling good!

Serve with vinegar, salt and hot chillies as dip.

Note: Be careful with oil when deep frying, it might boil too high and might overflow. Before this happens, turn off your fire and turn it back on when bubbles subside.

Corn, Carrots & Greens in Butter

This is very popular side dish in many restaurants and steak houses, but very easy to make! You can add other veges or just do with corn and carrots.


Corn grits (fresh, frozen, or canned)
cubed Carrots

the preparation


1. Melt butter in a sauce pan

If the corn is fresh grits:
2. Add corn and add little water to simmer the corn.
3. When corn is tender, add the rest of the veges, stir until all veges
tender but not overcooked
4. Add salt to taste

If corn is frozen or canned
2. Add all the Ingredient all together and stir until tender

mix veges in the wok

3. Add salt to taste.

then. . .

4. Just before you serve while the veges are still hot, add the butter
until melted.

veges ready

5. Serve hot

Enjoy the easy meal!