Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi can be made with so many varieties, this is just one of them.
This is the most common yet, the most salable of all.


Cabbage cut unto 1/4 size of the head
Cut Spring onions
Carrots cut into strips
Garlic crushed
Ginger crushed
Radish cut into strips
Cilantro sliced

Fish Sauce
Shrimp Paste
Crushed dried Chilli
salt (1/2 cup for every head of cabbage)


1. Mix all salt in water to make a salt solution.
2. Marinate the cabbage into your salt solution for 6 hrs.
3. Put this inside your refrigerator.

For the meantime:
Prepare the Spices and chili mix
1. Mix in all the sliced ingredients: carrots, cilantro, ginger, spring onions, garlic, radish, fish sauce, shrimp
paste and crushed dried chili.
2. Mix thoroughly and set aside.

After 6 hours of marinating the cabbage:

1. Wash each leaf thoroughly with running water.
2. Drain water thoroughly and dry each leaf.
3. Put the spices in between each leaf and arrange nicely, until all leaves are thoroughly covered.
4. Cover the container where you arrange the cabbage and spices.
5. Leave it at a room temperature to age for 1 whole day.
6. Refrigerate and ready to serve chill.

Can be eaten with garden salad, meat, soup or rice.

Cabbage marinated in Salt Water

Spices ready to mix with Marinated Cabbage



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