Mint Leaves

The peppermints at the side of our house are growing too wild. I hope I could share some. 🙂

They are good with oriental salad, soup and meat. They are also soothing ingredients in tea.



Basil in my Pot

We bought basil seedling last 2 weeks, so far they grew so fast, thanks to the perfect balance of the rain and sun, I hope it’s always spring time!

Basil is one of the most versatile herb I have ever used, It could go with Italian, tomato, chicken, fish, pork Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Southeast Asian food. It could even go with ADOBO! That’s why I love having these on my pots or in the garden.

By the way, I used recycled pots, I don’t buy them to help save the environment and some dimes.

Happy Basil

I've picked some leaves from here

The leaves are green and soooo healthy!

Our first pick from our hanging tomato

We bought our hanging tomato for $9 two weeks ago at the farmer’s market. I think it’s pretty good deal.
At least we will have something to check on every morning and afternoon. Now we have our very first pick, 🙂
and Louise got the second one, the 3rd was a bad one, it fell out by itself. Now this is real Fresh and organic!
We have also planted basil, lettuce and tomato seeds. 🙂 Will take a picture next time. 🙂

Our first pick from our hanging tomato

Louise with our 2nd pick

up close

the hanging tomato