Mint Leaves

The peppermints at the side of our house are growing too wild. I hope I could share some. 🙂

They are good with oriental salad, soup and meat. They are also soothing ingredients in tea.



Basil in my Pot

We bought basil seedling last 2 weeks, so far they grew so fast, thanks to the perfect balance of the rain and sun, I hope it’s always spring time!

Basil is one of the most versatile herb I have ever used, It could go with Italian, tomato, chicken, fish, pork Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Southeast Asian food. It could even go with ADOBO! That’s why I love having these on my pots or in the garden.

By the way, I used recycled pots, I don’t buy them to help save the environment and some dimes.

Happy Basil

I've picked some leaves from here

The leaves are green and soooo healthy!