Chinese Pechay, Corn & Bacon Stir Fry

Chinese Pechay is very easy to grow in your garden, even on the pot. The supermarket price of it is
even lower compared to any vegetable. The supply of corn on the other is growing in the market these days. Therefore getting cheaper too. I like the blend of these two vegetables. Juicy and sweet. I like them both in stir fry and soup.

We had it for brunch (Breakfast and Lunch combined). I woke up so late, so I am in a hurry to make food for the hungry buddies. Bacon was quick and handy.

Ingredients :

Thinly Chinese Pechay (Bok Chuy)
Corn grits
sesame seeds

Sliced Onion
chopped cilatro
chopped spring onion
salt and pepper
olive oil


1. Sautee garlic and onions in olive oil
2. Add bacon, corn and sesame seeds
3. Add salt, pepper and a little water to simmer until the corn grits are cooked.
4. Add the stalk part of pechay.
5. After a minute, add the leaves part, cilantro and spring onions.
6. Just before turning off the the fire, add butter.
Serve hot.

While cooking

Ready for Brunch!



Two weeks ago, we’ve good quality of rice. Jasmine rice! Yey! There was no available quality rice around here.
But thanks to the Filipino rolling store, they brought us 2010-crop rice! Smells so good and look so fresh!

I only like two kinds of rice, Jasmine and Japanese Rice. Oh, I want include sticky rice! They are good for paella.
Have rice on your meal and will sure have the right energy the whole day!

Jasmine Rice

See the quality under the light!

scoop it out

Deep fried pork chops with nutmeg, lemon and chili

Nutmeg looks like new to me, but i just discovered that is one of the ingredients my grandmother used in her “mama”. It is something that she chew with tobacco, lime, and “buyo” (betel pepper leaves). It is difficult to explain it further, but I have known and been familiar with it since I was five.

With some spices search, I discovered that nutmeg is good on grilled or fried meat. It’s nutty and spicy flavor is a perfect compliment for meat.

Try this at home.



scraped nutmeg

scraping the nutmeg

dried chili
salt and pepper

sesame seeds for toppings


1. Rub the porkchops with salt, pepper, dried chili and nutmeg
2. Soak it in lemon.

Marinating the meat

3. Let it stay for 1 hour until the flavors are absorbed.
4. After 1 hour, deep fry in a half-filled pan with heated oil.
5. Wait until turned brown

fried porkchops

Serve hot and top with sesame seeds

Chicken Adobo (in soy sauce, vinegar and lemon)

Adobo is a popular Filipino dish, it’s base sauce is soy sauce and vinegar and spices. It could be made with chicken, pork, chicken and pork combined. It’s good with steamy rice for lunch or dinner.

Here is my way of Chicken adobo.


choice cut chicken

soy sauce

chili flakes (optional when you want spicy)
salt and pepper
brown sugar
olive or sesame oil


1. Put all the chicken in the pan put all the ingredients.
2. Add water to simmer the chicken.

while cooking chicken adobo

3. Simmer the chicken until sauce thickens and chicken is tender.
4. Serve hot with rice.

almost ready

Louise my home customer is enjoying the soup!

I am cooking at home. And I have three customers including myself.
If the food is not so good, the customer named myself should finish everything
so nothing is wasted. (But this does not happen so often.). I am so lucky that my first
customer is always delighted with soup and noodles. I got a nice picture of her today. 🙂

chicken stock for the noodle soup

Louise with hot noodle soup

Pickled carrots, jicama and onions

I was scrambling our fridge on finding anything to get for anything that would taste different
for a side dish or appetizer. We can’t find so much ready at the grocery store that would fit our Asian cravings!

Thank God there’s half of the Jicama that is still waiting to be peeled and sliced and pickled!

The sauce I made is derived from the Vietnamese sauce (I have to find my book on it’s Vietnamese name, i’ll update this tomorrow.) But it is made of Fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili flakes, vinegar and sugar! oh…. so good!

It has to be soaked in the sauce and mixture for a least a day, but because we are craving a lot, it is almost finished after 3 hrs.

Here is how I do it.


Jicama strips
Carrots strips
Onions strips
Lemon peel strips
Garlic strips


Fish sauce
Brown sugar
Chili flakes

1. Combine all the sauce Ingredients
2. Make sure the sugar and salt are dissolved.
3. Soaked the veges with the sauce.
4. Put that into a bottle or container.
5. Refrigerate and eat when desired.

picked carrots, onions and jicama in a bottle

Mixed Veges in Peanut sauce

Jicama is the english name for “Singkamas”.

When we went to get one from the grocery, the cashier was really wondering
what kind of crop was that, we were also confused with it’s international name.

But we went out having it anyway for $0.89/pound. Too expensive for a piece,
where we can just get it at $.10/pound back in the Philippines. But surely, this will make our
menu different for a few meal.

Jicama as we will call it internationally is a good addition to fried wrapped veges (lumpia) or even the unrwapped ones (lumpia’ng hubad)

Here is my way of making mixed veges with jicama and peanut sauce.

Chicken strips

Jicama thin strips
Carrot thin strips
Cabbage thin strips

fish sauce
chopped peanuts (if not available use peanut butter)
chopped garlic
sliced onions
sliced spring onions
salt and pepper
sesame seeds
olive oil

1. Sautee garlic and onions
2. Add chicken, then salt, pepper and fish sauce.
3. Add all the veges and continue stir fry.
4. Add Peanut butter and spring onions.
5. Mix all the veges and add a little water.
6. Simmer the veges a little bit until nearly cooked and the sauce thickens.
7. Taste again with salt or fish sauce.

Serve hot topped with sesame seeds.
Quick, easy and healthy meal

Mixed veges in Peanut sauce

NOTE: if you prefer this spicy, add chili flakes. if you prefer this to be all veges and no meat, replace chicken with tofu.

Beef in soy, fish and hoisin sauce and veges

Hoisin sauce is sweet, it will balance the strong taste of fish sauce and shrimp paste.
Another healthy stir fry creation with olive oil or sesame oil.


Beef rectagular strips

bean sprout
carrot strips

hoisin sauce
fish sauce
shrimp paste
soy sauce
salt and pepper
sliced onions
spring onions


1. Heat pan with oil.
2. Sautee garlic, onions until brown.
3. Add beef until it turn pale.
4. Add soy sauce, fish sauce and shrimp paste.
5. Continue stirring until flavors are combined.

while cooking

6. Add little water, about 1 cup for quick simmer.
7. Add bean sprout, carrots and asparagus.
8. Simmer until veges are nearly cooked. ( not so soft)
9. Taste with salt and pepper.
10. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and spring onions before serving.

Just before serving

Enjoy your home dining!

Spicy Tomato soup with pouch egg and Wakame (Seaweed)

It is spicy tomato-based soup with pouch egg and wakame (a seaweed called kelp). Very healthy, used frequently by Koreans and Japanese on their soup.

This sour, spicy and a little hint of sweet.

Try it and you would like to cook it again! You don’t need to visit the nearest Thai or Vietnames restaurant soon, cause their dish is at your home!


Sliced seeded lots of Tomatoes (7 – 10)
chopped Ginger
chopped Cilantro
chopped Basil
Chopped Mint leaves
Chopped spring onions
Bay leaves
dried or fresh chili red peppers (you can take this out if you don’t want too spicy)
Fish Sauce
chopped garlic

pouch egg (egg cooked in boiling water)
wakame (seaweed)
olive oil
chopped garlic
chicken broth cubes or Chicken stock or chicken broth (just dont include the broth when serving)

1. Soak the wakame into warm water.

Dried Wakame

soaked wakame

2. Heat the sauce pan and sautee garlic, ginger, cilantro and chili red pepper (smell will be very strong)
3. Add the tomatoes, basil, bay leaves, fish sauce and mint.
4. Add stock. If stock not available use chicken cubes. (I don’t use chicken cubes and I don’t have stock
ready so I put chicken broth in the soup).

simmered soup

5. Simmer for 25 mins.
6. Taste with salt, lime and little pepper.
7. Meanwhile drip the water from soak wakame.

Served tomato soup with pouch egg and wakame

Serve hot with pouch eggs and soaked wakame. Enjoy the soup!