Shrimp Ziti in three-cheese-milk sauce topped with Pesto

I love the combination of three cheeses here.
You can use other cheeses if the ones I used are not available.
It’s my first time to make Pesto and I think I made it so good !!!
My basil on the pot have really given me handful of basil leaves on my recipes.
I’ll make a separate post on pesto.


peeled Shrimp and sliced like butterfly
Ziti Pasta

sliced Swiss Cheese
sliced Cream Cheese
Grated Mozzarella Cheese
Whole Milk

Sliced Garlic
Sliced Onions


0.0 On a separate pan, put water to boil with oil and salt.
0.1 Add the pasta and boil until pasta is cooked 10 – 12 mins.
0.2 When Pasta is cooked drain the water and set aside.

On a sautee pan:
1. Sautee garlic and onions in olive oil.
2. Add shrimp and continue sautee.
3. Add salt and whole milk and a little water.
4. Add 3 Cheeses and simmer until all cheeses are melted and sauce becomes thick.
5. Add Pasta and serve topped with pesto.



Shrimp Ziti with 3 Cheese and Pesto