Mint Leaves

The peppermints at the side of our house are growing too wild. I hope I could share some. 🙂

They are good with oriental salad, soup and meat. They are also soothing ingredients in tea.



Kitchen Flavors

I have taken some pictures of the flavors I used in the kitchen. Will update more soon.

Lime Fish Sauce


Soy Sauce

Shrimp Paste!

sweey pickles

Beer marinate

heavenly butter

Cream Cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (The healthy oil)

Let your mind do the work and your taste buds finish it

Keep Cooking is about the art of cooking through imagination. This is not about the exact measurement, though some recipe calls for proper proportion, but finalizing the flavor is so much about making it taste right.

This is the way of finding your desires and experimenting on existing recipes, what could be changed, what could be added. Cooking is not an absolute thing to do like stock trading, it has certain tolerance with flavors, cooking time and type of major ingredients.

Sometimes, I will post new recipes from some sources, but most of the time I would recommend that you read and imagine it few days before you cook, imagine the flavor, dream about it and think what could be the correct proportion if I would do it myself.

Since we are talking about food, the sources of food is important, some posts maybe about growing spices, finding the right store or website for the right ingredients.