Bamboo Shoot, Veges in Coconut milk (Tambo in Ilonggo)

We had this at Tita Sue’s house last Sunday. I like this very much!
We can make different variations of this with shrimp and small crabs.
But this one is just all veges and indeed healthy!


Fresh or frozen Thinly-sliced bamboo shoots (use peeler to get it thinnest)
Fresh or Frozen Corn grits
Coconut milk

Sliced tomatoes
Sliced Onions
Sliced Spring Onions
Sliced garlic

1. Boil the sliced bamboo shoot in water with salt. Throw the hot water and do this procedure 2x. This will remove the bitter taste of Bamboo shoot.

2. On the 3rd boiling water, use only half of the amount of water compared to the first two boiling procedure. 3. Then add half of the coconut milk.
4. Add tomatoes, onions and corn.
3. Simmer until corn is tender.
4. Add spinach and add the other half of the coconut milk, final taste with salt.
5. Let it boil very quickly. Then turn off the fire. Make sure you do not boil
the last coconut milk too much, to taste the milk instead of oil.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Bamboo shoot and veges in coconut milk


Stir fried Asparagus, sweet peas, corn,mushroom w/ shrimp

Quick, easy and healthy!

Try this at your own home


Peeled Shrimp and cut lengthwise

Sweet peas
Fresh Corn grits
Thinly-sliced Mushroom

sliced Spring onions
sliced garlic
sliced tomatoes
olive oil
sliced onions
oyster sauce


1. Sautee Garlic, onions and tomatoes in olive oil.
2. Add shrimp.
3. Continue to stir until shrimp turned red.
4. Add Corn and stir in about 1 minute.
5. Add a little water to simmer. This will make the corn tender.
6. Add salt and oyster sauce.
7. When corn is cooked (not starchy) add asparagus, sweet peas and mushroom
8. Stir a little bit until all the veges are almost cooked and final taste and top with spring onions.
9. Serve hot with rice.

Sliced ingredients: sweet peas, shrimp asparagus

fresh corn grits

sliced tomatoes and spring onions

ready for your table

Suman, Sinukmani or Biko: Sweetened sticky rice in Coconut milk

This is very simple to make, but will surely delight your family.

We usually make this during All Saints and All Souls Day, that’s November 1 or 2.
In most family gathering this is always present. 🙂

Try this at your own kitchen.


Sticky rice
Brown sugar
Coconut milk
desiccated Coconut for toppings


1. Cook the sticky rice in the rice cooker just like cooking ordinary rice.
Wash it thoroughly with running water, when ready put a 1:1 ratio of water to rice.
2. When the rice is cooked, set aside.
3. On a separate pan, put the brown sugar and the coconut milk together.
4. Stir it under low heat fire. Constantly stir until mixture gets thick.
5. Add the cooked sticky rice, and continue stirring,
6. Until cooked sticky rice are all coated with the sweet mixture.
7. Transfer to a serving dish and top with toasted desiccated coconut.
8. Serve cold or hot.

Biko ready for your table

Biko topped with toasted desiccated coconut

Pork Shrimp Molo Noodle Soup

This is a total Ilonggo cuisine or maybe the Chinese culture has influenced us on their Wonton Noodles.
I learned this from my Aunts who are making this on the weekends or the holidays. I can remember the whole clan enjoying the dish with Pandesal or puto.

I am glad, I was able to get some perfect wonton noodles next town.

Ingredients 1:
Wanton Wrapper
Shrimp finely sliced
Ground pork
Finely Chopped onions
Finely Chopped spring onions
Finely Chopped garlic
Salt and pepper

Ingredients 2:
sliced onions
sliced garlic
sliced spring onions
salt and pepper
sliced tomatoes
sliced and peeled shrimp
chicken fillet strips


For Molo:

1. For the filling, combine all Ingredients 1 in a bowl except for the wanton wrapper .
2. When thoroughly combined, in each sheet of the wanton wrapper,
3. Put a small amount of the filling and fold in triangular shape, see picture.
4. Put two edges of the triangle together and seal with water, see finished wonton.
5. Wrapp all filling into the wanton wrapper.

Cooking Procedure:
1. Sautee garlic, onions then tomatoes.
2. Add chicken and shrimp.
3. Sautee until chicken and shrimp turned pale.
4. Add salt and pepper.
5. Add Water for the soup.
6. When the water boils, add all the wrapped molo.
7. When all the wrapped molo surfaced the soup, they are already cooked.
8. Final taste the soup and add the spring onions.
9. Serve hot and enjoy!

Molo Filling mix

filling on the wrapper

Molo Triangular wrap

finish wrapped molo

Soup stock just after putting the wrapped molo

Soup almost done, molo surfacing

serving molo soup on my table