Bamboo Shoot, Veges in Coconut milk (Tambo in Ilonggo)

We had this at Tita Sue’s house last Sunday. I like this very much!
We can make different variations of this with shrimp and small crabs.
But this one is just all veges and indeed healthy!


Fresh or frozen Thinly-sliced bamboo shoots (use peeler to get it thinnest)
Fresh or Frozen Corn grits
Coconut milk

Sliced tomatoes
Sliced Onions
Sliced Spring Onions
Sliced garlic

1. Boil the sliced bamboo shoot in water with salt. Throw the hot water and do this procedure 2x. This will remove the bitter taste of Bamboo shoot.

2. On the 3rd boiling water, use only half of the amount of water compared to the first two boiling procedure. 3. Then add half of the coconut milk.
4. Add tomatoes, onions and corn.
3. Simmer until corn is tender.
4. Add spinach and add the other half of the coconut milk, final taste with salt.
5. Let it boil very quickly. Then turn off the fire. Make sure you do not boil
the last coconut milk too much, to taste the milk instead of oil.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Bamboo shoot and veges in coconut milk