Hit the blog before 2011!

It looks like it is worth it to have some notes on my cooking adventures again.

Before this challenging year of 2010 ends, will add some cooking notes for you to try.

This time, I have been adventurous to try more oriental cooking, Asian taste has been picking up my imagination, they enter my dreams and sleepless nights. So I decided to make realities on my own dining table. 🙂

I promise to share them before this tough 2010 year ends.

By the way, 2010 was the most difficult year for us, we felt our adult bones bent to adjust to changes and brave the challenges. I pray that 2011 will be kind and supportive to our plans.

Happy New Year!


You Keep my emotions high!

I got inspired by my readers, because they are not just reading my posts but making them themselves on their own homes or workplaces. I am so happy for the result of this blog. 🙂

I hope I can make video, I’ve got tripod already, but there’s only me and Louise, my hubby’s busy studying on his Masters. So for now, just imagine with pictures.

This makes my spirit high, when I am upset. To keep cooking when my body is tired but my mind is interested. When my arms could not extend but my tongue crave for new taste.

Thank you all for making keepcooking.wordpress.com part of your daily kitchen life and contribute to your family food encounter.

Everytime I cook, I am thinking of all of you in your own kitchen. Continue your quest for new flavors, like you are hungry for adventure.

See you all here at keepcooking.wordpress.com!