Pickled carrots, jicama and onions

I was scrambling our fridge on finding anything to get for anything that would taste different
for a side dish or appetizer. We can’t find so much ready at the grocery store that would fit our Asian cravings!

Thank God there’s half of the Jicama that is still waiting to be peeled and sliced and pickled!

The sauce I made is derived from the Vietnamese sauce (I have to find my book on it’s Vietnamese name, i’ll update this tomorrow.) But it is made of Fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili flakes, vinegar and sugar! oh…. so good!

It has to be soaked in the sauce and mixture for a least a day, but because we are craving a lot, it is almost finished after 3 hrs.

Here is how I do it.


Jicama strips
Carrots strips
Onions strips
Lemon peel strips
Garlic strips


Fish sauce
Brown sugar
Chili flakes

1. Combine all the sauce Ingredients
2. Make sure the sugar and salt are dissolved.
3. Soaked the veges with the sauce.
4. Put that into a bottle or container.
5. Refrigerate and eat when desired.

picked carrots, onions and jicama in a bottle


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