PASTA – Korean Love Drama with Italian Cooking Theme – Love It!

I have been watching Korean Drama lately. I like their theme, plot and good, clean love stories.

Now I just finished this series : Pasta.

The Chef and the Kitchen Assistant

The main Characters

It is a kind of in-focus to the Italian Kitchen. According to the writer, his research found out that the
Italian Kitchen is the most chaotic of all. Japanese kitchen is peaceful, Chinese Kitchen can cook some dish ahead, while Italian Kitchen only cooks their dishes, when orders are given. Now I am increasing my interest to pasta menu, especially the seafood ones. And probably making my own pasta? I have been wanting to buy pasta maker, hmmmmnnn. . . . maybe it will be the best time soon? Will post it here if I am able to make my first pasta noodle.

This series gave me a hint of how things are prepared in the kitchen and how chef should be in control of the whole situation in the kitchen.

I was also surprise of the ginseng pasta, I thought it was a real dish, but writer later said, it’s a made up one. 🙂 But perhaps will try it too. 🙂

Enjoy the movie time, I highly recommend this series. 🙂


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