Stir fried Asparagus, sweet peas, corn,mushroom w/ shrimp

Quick, easy and healthy!

Try this at your own home


Peeled Shrimp and cut lengthwise

Sweet peas
Fresh Corn grits
Thinly-sliced Mushroom

sliced Spring onions
sliced garlic
sliced tomatoes
olive oil
sliced onions
oyster sauce


1. Sautee Garlic, onions and tomatoes in olive oil.
2. Add shrimp.
3. Continue to stir until shrimp turned red.
4. Add Corn and stir in about 1 minute.
5. Add a little water to simmer. This will make the corn tender.
6. Add salt and oyster sauce.
7. When corn is cooked (not starchy) add asparagus, sweet peas and mushroom
8. Stir a little bit until all the veges are almost cooked and final taste and top with spring onions.
9. Serve hot with rice.

Sliced ingredients: sweet peas, shrimp asparagus

fresh corn grits

sliced tomatoes and spring onions

ready for your table


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