Spicy Thai Chicken in Cashew nuts

Tasted this first at Krua Thai and later at Siam, finding out later that they have the same owner. 🙂 That’s business, same taste in different packaging. I made my own for Peter’s house warming and the folks love it!
I love it too. This is spicy and sweet. If you are adventurous with spices, you will like this.

On crushed spices, I used a garlic crusher gadget that crushes garlic and others so finely.


chicken strips (skin off)
cashew nuts

crushed garlic
crushed ginger
dried chili pepper
sliced onions
chopped basil
spring onions
brown sugar
olive oil/sesame oil

Soy sauce
Fish sauce


On a separate pan, toast cashew nuts in low fire, until it turned brown but not burned, set aside.

1. Sautee Garlic and onions and ginger together in sesame oil.
2. When onions turn transparent add chicken,
dried chili pepper,basil, salt and pepper (not too much salt, fish sauce still coming).
3. Stir until chicken turn pale and little title toasty but not burned.
4. Add spring onions and continue stirring.
5. Add a little water(5 tbs), soy sauce, fish sauce and brown sugar.
6. Simmer until sauce thickens.
7. Add toasted cashew nuts and mix in.
8. Turn off fire and top with spring onions and chopped basil.
9. Serve hot with rice

Spices for Thai Chicken

Chicken Stips

Sauteed Ingredients

Thai chicken ready for Party!


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