Visayan Veges Chicken Soup (Re-invented Utan Bisaya)

Since I was small, we were introduced to the healthiest & simplest soup I have ever known. It’s Utan Bisaya, Laswa in Ilonggo! Anybody from the Visayan region of the Philippines know what this dish is. It is common to any Visayan table. It is a mixture of different native veges, like squash, okra, alugbate, talong and sometimes corn, when you want to make it special. It could be all veges, with shrimp, with dried anchovies, with dried fish or with small-cubed-cut pork.

Since I’ve been craving for utan bisaya, I made my own version with the available ingredients. I am glad it tasted good!


Chicken cut in strips (skin off)

Fresh Corn grits from a cob
sliced Eggplant (square size)
Sliced Pechay in strips (Buk Choy)
sliced Squash (Square size)



1. Put Water in deep pan for the soup.
2. Add chicken, squash and corn grits, onions, garlic and salt.
3. Simmer in low heat until all three ingredients are tender and cooked.
4. Add Eggplant and continue simmering.
5. When eggplant is almost cooked, add the stem part of the pechay.
6. After a minute add the leaves part, final taste with salt.
7. Cover the pan with the lid and turn off the fire. Leave the soup for a minute or two.
8 Then serve hot.

sliced eggplant

squash, corn and chicken simmered

Ready to eat!!!


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