Ground Beef in Mixed cubed veges (ginamay)

This is another version of menudo with a different sauce, it’s oyster sauce! This is called ginamay in Cebuano.

Corn is an amazing ingredient, including corn on this.

This is one of Louise’s favorite


Ground Beef
Fresh Corn grits from a cob
cubed carrots
cubed potatoes

sliced onions
sliced tomatoes
chopped garlic
olive oil
oyster sauce


1. Sautee garlic and onions in olive oil, until onions turned clear.
2. Add tomatoes, continue the stir until tomatoes becomes soft.
3. Add ground beef. Sautee until beef becomes pale and combined
with tomatoes, garlic and onions.
4. Add corn grits. Stir for one minute and add oyster sauce.
5. Add water to simmer the corn until nearly soft but still a bit
6. Add potatoes and continue simmer.
7. When potatoes are nearly cooked, add the carrots and raisins.
8. When carrots are cooked, final taste.
9. Serve hot.

Fresh Corn Grits

cubed carrots and potatoes

Ready to serve!


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