Pork hocks soup with corn and peanuts

I’ve found the right name for Pork’s feet, It’s Pork hocks! It sounds like kitchenomic this time!
When we bought one from the grocery, the cashier was so puzzled what it was for, “it cost little costly for
some bones.” He thought it’s for the dogs and he was not kidding. 🙂 “$4 for 3 pieces of bones for your dog? I think it’s expensive!” He didn’t know that we have the tastiest recipe for this!

Pork Hocks

Cut corn cobs
fresh peanuts (not cooked)

Cilatro chopped
Basil chopped
Spring Onions chopped
Ginger sliced
Onion sliced

1. Put all ingredients in the deep pan with Water.
2. Boil in low heat for 1.5 hrs, until the pork hocks are tender.
3. Final taste with salt and pepper.
3. Serve hot and top with chopped basil and cilantro before serving.
Enjoy the soup with rice!

Boiling and Making the soup

Soup Ready!


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