Chinese Pechay, Corn & Bacon Stir Fry

Chinese Pechay is very easy to grow in your garden, even on the pot. The supermarket price of it is
even lower compared to any vegetable. The supply of corn on the other is growing in the market these days. Therefore getting cheaper too. I like the blend of these two vegetables. Juicy and sweet. I like them both in stir fry and soup.

We had it for brunch (Breakfast and Lunch combined). I woke up so late, so I am in a hurry to make food for the hungry buddies. Bacon was quick and handy.

Ingredients :

Thinly Chinese Pechay (Bok Chuy)
Corn grits
sesame seeds

Sliced Onion
chopped cilatro
chopped spring onion
salt and pepper
olive oil


1. Sautee garlic and onions in olive oil
2. Add bacon, corn and sesame seeds
3. Add salt, pepper and a little water to simmer until the corn grits are cooked.
4. Add the stalk part of pechay.
5. After a minute, add the leaves part, cilantro and spring onions.
6. Just before turning off the the fire, add butter.
Serve hot.

While cooking

Ready for Brunch!


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