Deep fried pork chops with nutmeg, lemon and chili

Nutmeg looks like new to me, but i just discovered that is one of the ingredients my grandmother used in her “mama”. It is something that she chew with tobacco, lime, and “buyo” (betel pepper leaves). It is difficult to explain it further, but I have known and been familiar with it since I was five.

With some spices search, I discovered that nutmeg is good on grilled or fried meat. It’s nutty and spicy flavor is a perfect compliment for meat.

Try this at home.



scraped nutmeg

scraping the nutmeg

dried chili
salt and pepper

sesame seeds for toppings


1. Rub the porkchops with salt, pepper, dried chili and nutmeg
2. Soak it in lemon.

Marinating the meat

3. Let it stay for 1 hour until the flavors are absorbed.
4. After 1 hour, deep fry in a half-filled pan with heated oil.
5. Wait until turned brown

fried porkchops

Serve hot and top with sesame seeds


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