Mixed Veges in Peanut sauce

Jicama is the english name for “Singkamas”.

When we went to get one from the grocery, the cashier was really wondering
what kind of crop was that, we were also confused with it’s international name.

But we went out having it anyway for $0.89/pound. Too expensive for a piece,
where we can just get it at $.10/pound back in the Philippines. But surely, this will make our
menu different for a few meal.

Jicama as we will call it internationally is a good addition to fried wrapped veges (lumpia) or even the unrwapped ones (lumpia’ng hubad)

Here is my way of making mixed veges with jicama and peanut sauce.

Chicken strips

Jicama thin strips
Carrot thin strips
Cabbage thin strips

fish sauce
chopped peanuts (if not available use peanut butter)
chopped garlic
sliced onions
sliced spring onions
salt and pepper
sesame seeds
olive oil

1. Sautee garlic and onions
2. Add chicken, then salt, pepper and fish sauce.
3. Add all the veges and continue stir fry.
4. Add Peanut butter and spring onions.
5. Mix all the veges and add a little water.
6. Simmer the veges a little bit until nearly cooked and the sauce thickens.
7. Taste again with salt or fish sauce.

Serve hot topped with sesame seeds.
Quick, easy and healthy meal

Mixed veges in Peanut sauce

NOTE: if you prefer this spicy, add chili flakes. if you prefer this to be all veges and no meat, replace chicken with tofu.


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