Crackling Chicken skin (Chicharon)

This is a common delicacy when we are drinking beer or watching a movie or just hanging out. You can find this anywhere in the Philippines, even with the balut vendors.

Very easy to make, known to be unhealthy but who can resist the crispness ?!

I actually saved all the chicken skin when I cook chicken menus. Now here is the best way of cooking all of them!


Chicken skin

Salt and Pepper


1. Cut the chicken skin into rectangular stips.
2. Marinate with salt and Pepper for one hour.
3. Drain the liquid from the Chicken skin through the strainer.
4. Prepare the deep frying pan.
5. Fill half of the pan with oil.
6. Heat the oil until really hot (smoking hot)
7. Put the chicken skin to the pan until brown (do not over crowd).
8. Put the cooked chicken skin to a strainer.
9. When the oil from the fried chicken skin is drain it will turn crispy and dry.

Crackling good!

Serve with vinegar, salt and hot chillies as dip.

Note: Be careful with oil when deep frying, it might boil too high and might overflow. Before this happens, turn off your fire and turn it back on when bubbles subside.


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