Corn, Carrots & Greens in Butter

This is very popular side dish in many restaurants and steak houses, but very easy to make! You can add other veges or just do with corn and carrots.


Corn grits (fresh, frozen, or canned)
cubed Carrots

the preparation


1. Melt butter in a sauce pan

If the corn is fresh grits:
2. Add corn and add little water to simmer the corn.
3. When corn is tender, add the rest of the veges, stir until all veges
tender but not overcooked
4. Add salt to taste

If corn is frozen or canned
2. Add all the Ingredient all together and stir until tender

mix veges in the wok

3. Add salt to taste.

then. . .

4. Just before you serve while the veges are still hot, add the butter
until melted.

veges ready

5. Serve hot

Enjoy the easy meal!


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