Spinach for Popeye at last

I have tried cooking veges with spinach but I get frustrated cause it gets very soft and mushy.
I have been thinking on how to do it like kangkong. 🙂 But kangkong does not get soft easily when cooked.

At last I’ve got answer from a japanese cookbook I’ve brought with me. Sure I can’t understand the character, some chinese character I can, but the pictures gave me a bright idea! Blanch it! Or near to it, just soak it into hot water.


hoisin sauce (widely used by japs and southeast asian food)
squeezed lemon
fish sauce (patis)
sesame seed
sesame oil/olive oil
shrimp paste (bagoong)


1. Soak spinach with hot water until soft.

Spinach in hot water

2. Take the spinach out of water and squeeze it.

squeezed spinach

3. On the plate, mix it with hoisin sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, squeeze lemon and shrimp paste
4. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Spinach in hoisin lemon fish sauce

Try it! 🙂


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