Where’s the bean sprout ?

I’ve been searching for bean sprout anywhere but I can’t find any. Since it is very useful in my little kitchen, I decided to reseach and grow my own.

Here is the proceedure:

1. Soak Mung beans (Monngo beans or other beans with do like soya bean, chick peas but mung beans is still
the best for me) in water for 24 hours.

the beans after 24 hour of soaking

2. Change the water 3 times a day.
3. Drain the water after 24 hour

4. Cover the container where you soak the beans with plastic or cardboard with several holes, so there will
be supply of oxygen inside the bean container. wash the beans 3 times a day and always drain the water.

The sproust after 2 days

5. Wait for 3-5 day until the beans sprout comes out.

the beans after 3 - 5 days ready for cooking

Each stage of the bean sprouting has unique flavor to add to your menu, will post some Keep Cooking experiments about bean sprouts soon!


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