Baked Chicken Liver in Lemon Butter Soy Sauce

Not everyone eat chicken liver, I recognize that.
But I am sure 80% of the Pinoy have this in their meals. Chicken Liver is tasty and creamy in the inside.
If you have not tasted one, it is worth a try !


Chicken Liver
Hard Boiled Eggs
Soy Sauce
Fresh squeeze lemon juice

Sesame seeds
Sesame Oil
Brown Sugar

Green beans
Brussel sprout


1. Preheat the oven at 300F
2. Place the Chicken Liver and Eggs in an oven-proof dish
3 Sprinkle with Salt, brown sugar and Pepper
4. Pour some oil, lemon juice and soy sauce
5. Put the remaining spieces on top.
6. Put the Veges
7. Top with about 2 tbs spooful of butter or more.

this is how the veges, butter and spices on the top of Chicken Liver

Bake in the over for 60 mins or until the vegetables at the top are a little bit dry and toasty. Enjoy!

Baked Chicken Liver Ready for the table !


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