Picture it out!

I am in the kitchen 3 times a day as the official cook of my small family. It’s challenging when I have limited ingredients on the choices of food I want to cook. I am also torn between the flavors I want, and the flavors that suit my daughter. But eventually, it seems that she is adjusting to my flavors.

We have decided to eat unprocessed food. Since we reached the United Stated, we have only bought 1 can of meat loaf and two packs of hotdogs. That’s an achievement on staying away from trash food with loads of preservatives, MSG and other flavorings and colorings.

I prefer not to use MSG, even though some of the mixed spices and sauces has it, we still prefer to stay away from it as much as possible. I make it a practice to always read the labels. On how much fat on ground beef or pork, or what’s with a hoisin sauce or is it a pure juice or concentrate.

Here in the small city of Fairfield, we only have one major grocery store, Hyvee. Though we have Walmart, I would not consider it as a grocery, it has canned and processed food but no meat and vegetable. However, we are still lucky to have organic produce available from the Farmer’s market every Wednesday and Saturday, while the two organic stores near us open 7 days a week.


2 responses

  1. hi jeanette! saludo jud ko nimo mam! how i wish kami sad can avoid eating processed/junk foods. keep posting recipes para sun-on sad nako for my kids coz every meal is a problem for me and d kids grabeee sila ka choosy.

    looking forward for more healthy,creative and yummy recipes from u!

    ur fan,ghaille

  2. Hi Mam Ghaille!

    I agree challenging gyud ang mga bata pakaunon. My kid’s favorite is egg and monggo others are optional to her, sometimes she’ll eat sometimes not. Our goal is just try and try for them. : )

    See you always in Keep Cooking! Thanks for the post!

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